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this is where i come to cry

The Minion Sabbeh
23 November
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I'm Sabbeh,that's not my real name by the way just a better way to say it,and um well this is me. I used to have a live journal but i failed it and died,but now I feel like making a new one that is way better. I currently live in Vail,aka teh middle of effing nowhere,but will be moving to PV area Phoenix in two years. I sound interesting now,hehe. I love music,anime/manga,KVLT,tights,shoes,leg warmers,hats,big wigs,japanese culture,drawing absolutely nothing,talking on the fone,dancing,and yeah sleeping,although I don't get much if that.Don't avoid me because I may be younger than you. I have trouble connecting wih people at school because unlike most of the people at school,I don't really stride for indivduality or care what other people think. Even though,everyone is different in some way or another we are all the same,all of our clothes and shoes and beliefs are mass poduced by some huge corporation.